About Us

Nestled in Melbourne, Australia, with deep roots on the Victorian Surf Coast, Great Ocean Wetsuits combine the best of wetsuit innovation and performance with the focus of empowering athletes of all abilities to achieve their personal goals. 

Our Founders

Founded by former competitive swimmers, Sam and Hamish, Great Ocean Wetsuits is the culmination of a shared passion for ocean and pool swimming, coupled with over 15 years of international racing experience across both disciplines. Their love of swimming and expert knowledge sparked a mission to aid others in their athletic journeys, irrespective of skill level with the creation of Great Ocean Wetsuits.

The goal of Great Ocean Wetsuits is to disrupt the wetsuit industry by producing products that are singularly focused on amalgamating performance, comfort, warmth, and durability without the unnecessary. This vision extends beyond wetsuits and aims to assist athletes with their swimming journey through the Great Ocean Training platform.